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dear fucking tumblr

this is a fucking bumblebee


this is a fucking bee


this is a fucking hornet


this is a fucking wasp


as you can fucking see the longer their legs are and the less fuzzy they are is equivalent to how fucking evil they fucking are

I feel like I just watched a step by step pokemon evolution

A real Hornet

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Five Things You’d Put in a Pentagram to Summon Me



Your move, followers. What items do you use to bring me forth? 

lol im curious

Put ‘Get Fluffy’ in my inbox, and I’ll randomly generate a number-


Your muse will get, from mine,

  1. A flower crown
  2. A lullaby
  3. A kiss on the nose
  4. A tiny animal
  5. A piggyback ride
  6. To see my muse’s favorite secret place
  7. A tickle attack
  8. A favorite story
  9. A pillow fort
  10. Our muses both in cute matching outfits!

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There is this guy on the bus who calls himself Jeff. Jeff narrates the entire bus ride in third person. Today was the only day I have been on the bus with Jeff where someone has told him to shut up. Jeff sighed and then said “Jeff dramatically looks out of the window while sighing. Jeff just couldn’t understand why people had to be so rude.” The person who told him to shut up now looks like he is going to cry out of frustration.

If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

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theroyalfool sent:

*Hands you an alarm clock in the shape of a bomb*

*hands it back* I don’t want this.

Anonymous sent:

hey rake how are you doing fine i hope so were do you sleep and were do you live just asking Deanna

nonee of your busineess woman. I wouldn’t trust you with that information, or anyone else with that matter.

Anonymous sent:

oh sorry rake i didn't mean to cross that boundaries and okay am claim down thank you for claiming me down rake please opened the gift please it is a human kidney Deanna

I am afraid.

Anonymous sent:

no it's not a bomb now why will i do that your my friend right rake i would not kill you ever never ever as she cried and hugged him Deanna

Deeanna calm thee fuck down

Also, peersonal space.

You are in my no-no squaree.

Anonymous sent:

Hey Jeff, spit or swallow?


Jeff: ehhhh swallow…